Work Hard For Good Reason

The natural world has so many advantages from inspiration to health benefits. The best gift I’ve received from exploring the majesty of this impressive world we live in and its royal beauty is how it opened up my heart to writing poetry, and to my inner artist.

I write in bits and short bursts—sort of what it feels like to wiggle in and out of boulders as you climb up a mountain. The greatness of the colors, the mountain air, the peace, the blues and earthy hues enhance my thoughts and turn off the distractions; then it all comes spilling out like one of those narrow creeks down the side of the mountain after a big rain.

When I swim laps or walk on the beach, the same thing happens.

I feel an immense appreciation for all life’s gifts in these moments, but never as palpable as when I’m in nature.

I’m so thankful for Gluten Free Sage and to have this outlet so I can hopefully make a difference in someone’s life. I was fortunate to reach into my back pocket, pull up my bootstraps, and go for the gusto once I felt strong and healthy enough to do so.

Anyone can do it, and I’m here to help the next person make a difference too. We all have a lot within us to give back for the precious gift of life. Keep giving. Wake up and think about what you can do today to make someone’s life better or how you can lighten their load. That’s what makes the world go round! Yes, this little blue speck of a planet we’re on needs you to be well so you can do the hard work for good reason. It feels GOOD to give.

By hard work, I mean meaningful work done with purpose and a strong work ethic. Hard work builds character. You learn discipline. You learn focus. You learn to manage your time and your resources.

If we work hard just for the sake of working, we let our work displace our purpose and we start to lose steam.

Become aware of the impact you can have on others simply by the spirit you bring to what you do. Even if you’re not living out your greatest passion every day, you can bring a spirit of passion and engagement to positively impact others. More than what we do each day, it’s how we do it that adds value.

My friend Phil owns his own pharmacy. He and his wife Teresa have a beautiful family and they attract the best people to their tribe—all of whom were at the Marlins-Mets game with us. Kindness pours out of them. Beautifully modest and hardworking, with the absolute highest standards, they inspire me to work hard for good reason.

They are hugely successful and equally humble and loving. They have such a deep respect for every soul they encounter. Their employees, parents and children were all at the game too. Even their business associates, lawyer and accountant were all there!! Everyone feels like family.

It impressed me that it was not only a work night, but a long distance for most, and everyone made the game a priority.

I appreciate this beyond words.

Another unpretentious soul I met the day after my dad passed away on May 12 is Annie Moor. I call her a present—from my Dad. 💗

I was in New York with my son Doug who has an eye, ear and heart for attracting epic magnets. He introduced me to Annie and her husband and I knew instantly by her energy that she was the next step on this journey of writing and sharing! She’s a talented illustrator—among many things—and I’m proud to say she’ll be working with Kristen Alden and I on our next illustrated poetry book project. You can visit my new author website for a sneek peek of the book and to see what else we’re up to!

What I have found is that giving your whole self to your work is one of the greatest joys in life. I’m more committed and dedicated to my work when there’s a human element involved, too. People need each other! We thrive when we have a balance of getting and giving support to and from others. It will be my first book together with Annie and I feel invested in making our book a success for her.

Humble Rumble
by Jet Widick

Working hard for good reason
No matter what the season
Treating everyone equally
Deep respect and kindness—
Bring it!
You are an amazing gift.

Simple conscientiousness. Together we can all make a difference.