Woodford Reserve Bourbon

I wrote a letter to Woodford Reserve about a month ago that I received a response from last week. In a nutshell, my question to them was:

Is Woodford Reserve Bourbon—not the one with the rye—GLUTEN FREE?

I love Woodford Bourbon and cannot drink other distilled alcohols like Grey Goose. I have researched that Woodford is gluten-free but wanted it confirmed. Here’s what they said:

Woodford Reserve Bourbon Contact Us

Dear Jet,

Thank you for your interest in Woodford Reserve and for taking time to write. We always enjoy hearing from our consumers.
Regarding your question, the Celiac Society has defined all distilled products as being safe for consumption as the distillation process does not allow the carryover of any allergenic gluten protein. Due to the distillation process, we can state that this product does not contain gluten.
Unfortunately, however, there is currently no validated test to verify the gluten content (or absence) in fermented and distilled products. We therefore encourage you to consult with your personal physician should you have sensitivity to gluten.
We hope this information is helpful, but please let us know if you have other questions about Woodford Reserve. We are always happy to assist.
Thank you again for writing.

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