Wiggle Room

Most of us understand the importance of goal setting and how crucial meeting these goals are to accomplishing great things in our lives. We also get what an “Ultimate Goal” is. It’s the most significant, highest-most-high of goals! They’re usually our own personal goals, though often groups and businesses have ultimate goals, too…

You’re committed. You’re ALL IN on this Ultimate Goal. You WANT this. It’s what we need to do to make everything work and have the utmost, absolute, best result.

Setting goals is a GREAT way to give ourselves a clear and positive direction toward what we desire. But the pressure of an Ultimate Goal can sometimes be intense—and consuming. What if, instead, we give ourselves a break and create some wiggle room? What if, instead, we construct an “Ultimate Idea”?

This Ultimate Idea is different. It’s something you put together piece by piece. You build it—like a castle—in your mind.  You develop it by analyzing all the angles.  Warning: Construction in Progress!  You want to put up the caution tape… but you don’t.  You start to talk about this idea.  It seems doable, original, and smart. It makes sense—similar to a goal—but it has an OPTION.

I wrote the poem below a couple of months ago when thinking of my own personal goals. This one in particular: to walk 3 miles every day.  And I do walk every day.  However, my FitBit has been tracking my mileage at an average of 2.7.  I could think about it as not reaching my goal of 3 miles… or I could rework it in my mind as PROGRESS.  2.7 miles… Woo Hoo!

Wiggle Room

I used to imagine Monday’s and all they could be
Close my eyes and imagine all the possibilities
Couldn’t always navigate them positively
Then someone explained wiggle room to me
Wiggle room… it’s less disruptive to thee

Wiggle Room (translation)

I used to imagine Monday’s and all they could be  (a brand new week) 
Close my eyes and imagine all the possibilities  (trails, recipes, poetry, travels)
Couldn’t always navigate them positively  (the possibilities)
Then someone explained wiggle room to me  (there can be ultimate “ideas”—everything doesn’t have to be ultimate goals)
Wiggle room… it’s less disruptive to thee  (to your soul, your psyche, to your progress)

The Ultimate Idea won’t break you. Or slow you down if you don’t do it. But what if you go for it?! You throw it out into the universe… this IDEA. It holds weight. It has importance and a real chance of turning into an Ultimate Goal. You and your colleague, partner, or friend have a FaceTime meeting or phone call to toss around the prospects… “Look. We are under no obligation to do this, but what IF we did ????!!!!”

Just Sayin’. 🙂