Weapon is a negative term to most people. But sometimes in order to navigate the world, we need an invisible sword and shield to keep an unwavering spirit and send away any negative vibes. When Dementors are about… it’s incredibly distracting.

We have to be able to relax in order to let our soul guide us to our true passions. To be ourselves. To make room for peace—then all the burners can ignite. Feel your shoulders loosen and your internal child awaken. It’s the equivalent to a five year old playing with a puppy!

When we clear out the space surrounding us, we create a positive energy flow to write, paint, draw, cook, make music, build a canoe, write a jingle… ANYTHING! We can commit completely.

When I dream up a big gluten free meal for 6 to10 people, or even for my family, it takes focus and planning. I don’t want to be in a hurry, and I don’t want to feel distracted. I want it to taste good and look pretty. It’s my art. My own constructive force. It feels like Christmas when I’m given a new recipe. “Thank you for the present. Can’t wait to make that!” Sharing recipes is L-O-V-E. It sparks my desire to make things and a wave of calm and creativity engulfs me.

unwavering soul on fire quote gluten free sageIf you’re told you can’t eat something you’ve been enjoying your entire life (flour)—and all the good things that are made from it—it can be quite a shock. You have to be kind to yourself. Give yourself that time and space to be able to digest the news. Mourn it if you need to. Make a truth fire and ceremoniously burn it away. It is possible that positivity and optimism will come back around to greet you—and you get EXCITED about food again. It’s contagious, too. Who needs flour, anyway! What cool thing can I make without it?! Hell, I’m going to knock this meal out of the park with barely a carb on the plate. 🚀

Whatever it is you live for or love to do, keep creating. And if you don’t have anything yet that sets your soul on fire, don’t stop looking until you find it.

If you have young children, you can help them find their passion by having them try new things. Ask them what they like. What makes them “feel good”? Observe the things that truly light them up. You’ll see it in their bright eyes when they’re in their element. A musical instrument or a sport… making cars or boats… Yes they have kid versions. Remember the back cover of Boys Life?

If you know that getting the right tennis racket will help your game, then do it. If you want that piano you’ve been eyeing in the window of the consignment store, listen as your heart speaks. It truly is an investment because you will have a lifetime of hobbies, creativity, and unwavering joy! Provide an environment for growth so you can jump in with your whole heart. The greatest weapon against your Dementors is unconditional love. Clear your mental space, and create. Happiness will follow.