To Infinity and Beyond…

I received an inquiry from Infinity Jars last month around the same time I was preparing for my book launch. They arrived in the mail before I left for California, so I haven’t been able to enjoy them… until now. I’m delighted by their beauty and quality!

I like to keep things simple and clean in the kitchen. I don’t have many containers—because I don’t use flours or sugars—but I do cook with a lot of oils and spices. Olive oil, avocado oil and coconut oil are my favorites.

Storage is a very important step of any food, especially oils. All oils go rancid with heat, light and exposure to oxygen.

Oil shelf life can be influenced by many different factors, and the selection of proper storage conditions, including packaging, can be of great importance.
Infinity Jars are ultraviolet glass jars that protect and preserve the healthy herbs and oils I use in my gluten-free meals. I chose their square glass bottle with oil spout and an apothecary jar for spices and was pleasantly surprised by how heavy and substantial they feel. The oil bottle also comes with a screw on cap, so when you’re finished using the oil spout you can store your favorite oils with an airtight seal.
They make a variety of bottles and jars, and their simple silhouettes and dark opaque color is much more chic than your typical storage containers. I see another one on the horizon for my coffee… 🙂