Tower of Power

Tower of Power Weights Fitness ExerciseOne of my best friends, Nancy Sheffey, is also a personal trainer. She’s not just a trainer, however. Nancy takes a holistic approach to health and fitness, focusing on creating the energy and mindset one needs to exercise, eat well, deal with stress, keep things positive and get things done. For me, she keeps things minimal and simple, and lifts me up with good spiritual guidance. Nancy is my go-to-girl when I need a boost, and she is GOOD AT IT.

One of her light upper body exercise routines that I do in my weekly Simple Workout Routine is called the Tower of Power, and consists of the following:

Tricep Pressbacks
3 sets/15 reps using 3-5 lb. weights (or to fatigue on 3rd set)

Two Hand Tricep
2 sets/15 reps lifting over head using 10 lb. weights

Stick ’em Ups
3 sets /15 reps using 5 lb. weights

3 sets/15 reps using 5 lb. weights