Three’s A Charm

Three’s a charm continues to be a reoccurring theme in my work. Yesterday, May 15th was the official launch of White Wild Indigo, the third book in a series of three illustrated poetry books that I self-published in the past 3 years. I love each book with my whole heart and I’m attached to their individual meanings.

The hardcover version of the book was printed in latter part of 2017, but we’re following up with the words we hold on to—keepin’ at it!—with a less expensive, paperback version, ebook, and more of an online presence this time around, with a private event to celebrate.

White Wild Indigo Foreward Review, April 27, 2018:

“A whimsical celebration of life’s simple pleasures, Jet Widick’s White Wild Indigo is a free-spirited collection of poetry for all ages, sharing the joy and wonder found in nature, family, friendships, and within each of us, every day.

In this compilation of thirty poems, themes and topics focus on appreciating the beauty and potential that turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Motivational and reflective or fun and fanciful, each piece offers insight into enjoying life to the fullest, whether pausing to feel the sun and wind on your face, being grateful for the kindness and love of a good friend, or contemplating the memories and traditions that form our roots.”  read more

I love that our May 15th launch date is the day after my older son’s birthday and right beside Mother’s Day.

It’s also the day of one of my best friend’s birthdays, and for whom I wrote the poem Glisteny Listeny in this book. I swear she has a direct line to God. We were walking buddies until she hit the road in an RV for two years. We stay in contact and she visits when in town. She tells me her plans, I tell her my dreams. We pray for them together, and yes, they continue to unfold and happen!

It’s unbelievable.

With the book launch coinciding with Mothers Day, and within the month of May with all its graduations and celebrations and Spring and Summer approaching, I choose to celebrate the importance of what White Wild Indigo means to me: girl power, encouragement, fresh and clean water, healthful food, science, art, family, friends, celebrations over meals and getting outside.

The power of three is universal. Three embodies the power of synthesis.

I feel my most interesting work is in collaboration with people who feel the same way I do about a cause, purpose, reason or desire to do meaningful work. They not only share my same destination, but carry the same work ethic. When that happens, sparks fly and the work shows it!

two objects collide generate third bruce mau quote power of three's a charm

If I hadn’t been introduced to Annie Moor and her artwork, we wouldn’t have this beautiful book. There is not one day to waste. When someone inspires me, I tell them. When I feel like I’m working on something and it’s the right fit, I say it. I take nothing for granted.

I sometimes can’t believe I get to do this. I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of these passion projects that I share with Kristen Alden of NorthCoast Post. We made Sage Words and Sage Spirit together with thoughtful artist and illustrator Kimberly Taylor-Pestell, and our most recent book White Wild Indigo was created with the same love and positivity through a collaboration with the brilliant illustrator Annie Moor. I personally love this book because of the messages it shares and the happiness it brings. It’s a continuous shout out to the universe that being healthy and strong leads to happiness and peace.

Wellness allows us to follow our hearts, simply get creative and find our artistic souls. 

Thank you for the lovely introduction

I loved that there was no big production

Simply started the conduction

Transmitting waves of energy… restoration
A gentle conglomeration

Soul food, Sunshine, Sage Creation!

I hope everyone who reads this book loves it as much we enjoyed bringing it all together. Thank you to my crew, squad, tribe, team, and bad-assery bunch. Together we are even stronger, more courageous and kick-ass then we could ever be as individuals.