The Power of Proper Posture

Everywhere you look people are unknowingly hunched over their phones and computers. Shoulders rounded as they eat dinner after a hard day’s work. If a photo was taken they wouldn’t believe it’s them. They most likely don’t realize the power of proper posture and that they’re not sitting up or standing straight. The distractions of everyday life can weigh heavy on shoulders and backs. They have worries. They’re not sleeping or eating right and it shows.

And it takes courage for someone to speak up and say, “Hey, Shoulders Back Ace!” No one wants to hurt someone’s feelings, but boy—to have a person that will tell you that—they literally have your back! 🙂

You can pull your shoulders back and lift yourself up with good posture, and also boost your confidence while you are at it.

The game changer is a light weight routine.

A low carb, high protein diet will give you the energy you need to build your muscles to stand tall and function at an optimal level. It also keeps you looking youthful. And this newfound upper body strength has an effect on everything you do from desk work, walking, hiking, etc. It’s a WIN–WIN.