The Bite-Sized Celiac

The Bite-Sized Celiac Erika Kubitz and I—though we’ve never met—have a major thing in common: We both had celiac disease affecting our lives long before we knew it. Luckily, we found out and want to help others who may be struggling to find the answers to their celiac questions.

It’s always a wonderful relief to find enthusiastic advocates for people navigating this new gluten-free diet and The Bite-Sized Celiac is chock full o’ great ideas to share.

College is a tricky time to learn how to handle your diet without a home kitchen and regular meals. Erika found out right before college she had celiac, so accepting and navigating this new way of cooking and eating took a great deal of patience—and courage, I’m sure—especially considering dorm life.

In addition to being super kick-ass for the work she put into this, I love the way she embraces her illness and encourages us all to be healthier. My favorite post on her blog is about breakfast, and my celiac diet staple, eggs!

Eggs are my go-to and one of the best gluten-free superfoods on the planet. They keep well and can be made into a variety of meals. I’m Italian (and an omelette lover) and The Bite-Sized Celiac gives a few new takes on the Italian version of the omelette, the frittata. For example, this Veggie Filled Frittata recipe calls for dijon mustard and basil to complement an already veggie-loaded omelette to give a lil’ pizzazz to the start of your day.

And, who doesn’t want to start their day with a dash of pizzazz to shake things up in the kitchen every now and then? Of course, you can shake things up in a really big way if you want to, but I’ve found that the small changes work just as well to make life more meaningful. All it takes is some curiosity and a plan.

If you’re reading this blog, then most likely you’re like me in that you want to be healthier and feel good. And not only do I want to feel good and healthy every day, I want to get better at what I do.

Exchanging ideas is one of the ways I do this. I love collaborative projects with others on the same life track as me. When we collaborate and share, there’s more information and wisdom for us all to reach higher levels of life satisfaction even faster than if we had done it alone.

The Bite-Sized Celiac recently shared my new book Gluten Free Soul Pilot in a Q-and-A with co-author Kristen Alden which features the inspiration behind the book, as well as one of the main takeaways we’d like to share: that healthy food doesn’t have to be expensive, and nutrient-dense meals don’t have to be difficult.

A wonderful starting place for anyone is to make self-care a priority. Give yourself the nutrition, sleep, and sacred space that is essential for you to discover your core values and pay attention to how you want to feel. Learn how to be fully present so you can nourish your soul with exactly what it needs—whether you have celiac or not.

Thank you to the friends who help spread the word. It’s no secret. We all need life hacks and food tips to navigate the gluten-free diet. Plus, we receive more than nourishment when we take the time to care for ourselves and connect with others. We get support from our community. We get peace of mind for a lifetime of health. 

And knowing we have our tribe running along beside us makes everything even more wonderful.


reexamine all you have been told gluten free soul pilot simple soulful self care guideStraightforward and simple, Gluten Free Soul Pilot uses well-researched principles and proven practices to guide readers through a personal flight plan that targets individual needs to achieve better physical, spiritual and emotional health. It is filled with soulful strategies for wellness so you can take control of your mind’s autopilot and spend more of your time and energy on enjoying the authentic, inspired life you were meant to live.

Gluten Free Soul Pilot is now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Powell’s Books and IndieBound.