Thai is Why!

My weekend was lovely! Not because I had Thai food (twice!) from the same local spot, but because it was THE WEEKEND and I was lucky enough to spend my entire Saturday and Sunday in the sparkling Florida sunshine.

The weekend ramped up when I went to dinner at M & M Thai Café—owned and operated by May, a tiny dynamo and pure delight who can whip up a meal that’s as pleasing to the eye as it is delicious. Real comfort food.

I think a steak-and-potatoes, burger-and-fries guy would probably LOVE Thai food. It’s just not your mama’s meat and potatoes! Maybe you were raised on a simple meat and potatoes diet, and there’s only so much spiciness you can handle in any given meal and still find it enjoyable. Or maybe you choose to eat this diet because it’s what works best for your current state of health and nutritional needs. But, if you’ve got food fatigue and need a little somethin’ to makeover your eating routine, then Thai food is a great transition food to branch out and expand one’s tastes buds. Especially since they have comfort foods like Mu Ping (Thai grilled pork on skewers) or Kung-Pao BBQ… and what meat-and-potatoes guy doesn’t dig good BBQ?! 🙂

There’s a lot of delicious non-spicy Thai food to choose from, too. You may think Thai food = copious amounts of chili peppers, but your Kung Pao doesn’t have to be Kung Pow! Most restaurants will ask your preference of spice level. If you’ve never ordered Thai food before, “medium spicy”” on a Thai menu is typically pretty darn HOT for those of us not used to eating spicy foods. Mild would be a good place to start.

Thai restaurants have excellent options for gluten free dining. You should be able to find many choices, including most curries and rice-noodle based dishes, with Pad Thai as a go-to dish for beginners.

Your best bet is to go where the chef makes everything from scratch, including the sauces. Clarify if they use Thai-style soy sauce, or Tamari, as your typical soy sauce has wheat in it. M&M Thai is the real deal. It’s a family-owned restaurant, every dish is home made, and May (the mama) comes to each table to be sure you’re happy. 

The positive energy from the delicious, healthy gluten-free food to the beach boardwalk and full moon, kick-started the positive glow of the weekend, and seeing my friends Jim and Lori restored my soul. I also saw baby owls that I’ve waited and watched for weeks-on-end, which made me ecstatic! The owlettes are gorgeous, fluffy loves, and I couldn’t wait until they popped their little heads out. It was the same time last year that they hatched—so I knew it was close—but when I actually saw them, I could not believe it. 💞


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