Is It Workin’ or Playin’ or Excellence?

Striving for Excellence

For a family, preparing meals is a necessity. You’re taking care of your loved ones and nourishing bodies. And it’s often looked upon as work. First there’s the shopping. And then the chopping. And then… the clean-up. But what if we looked at meal prep as Upping our Game? Doing our Best? Or Let’s Make This Fun!?

For example, a household challenge could be to see how fantastic you can make a meal. Not necessarily fancy… but more like, “this grilled cheese sandwich is going to ROCK.”

This may not be physically possible for every meal—or every day—with modern day living and our crazy schedules. But asking ourselves why we’re doing this could help us to create some impressive meals. What will this task help accomplish? Dig deeper and find the good you’re creating for your family. You might not think a clean kitchen matters, but that kitchen is needed for preparing and serving food. Food that nurtures and keeps everyone healthy and happy. Connect the meals to the good. And impress yourself, or even some household dignitaries in the process. 🙂

If food was only for sustaining us, then we’d probably never cook! We have so many convenient choices with all the restaurant options and prepared foods at the market. Even a peanut butter sandwich would do. For me, food is *Get Creative* time. It’s like art. Health art. And what I love about art is that it’s whatever you want it to be. Sometimes it’s both pretty, and delicious. Sometimes it’s nutritious and tastes great, but looks like heck. (This is where a food stylist would come in handy…)

Embrace the hard work. Give it 100% and really try to make it fun… even if you are exhausted and everyone is starving. Your meal preparation can be calming, and even gratifying, when you’re mindful and throw yourself into it completely.

Turn on the music. Ask about your family’s day. The kitchen can be a nucleus of joy. It’s where you have to go at least twice a day, if not three, to stay strong, fit and healthy. It should be the heart of your home—even if you are in college and it’s a crock pot or an electric skillet. Go for it! Sure there are different preferences, or appetites, or even more delicious ways to prepare something—but it’s what you decide. It’s about whatever it is you’re making, and doing it as healthy and excellent as possible.

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