I Wanna Get Lost In Your Rock-n-Roll And Drift Away

Today is the perfect Spring day in South Florida. The sky is incredibly blue and the weather is delicious. Spring is the perfect time to pick up some fresh, seasonal produce, and for getting outdoors and immersing yourself in the beauty of the season. Listening to the sounds of the birds, feeling the changes in the air against your skin, seeing all the colors and textures of flowers and trees in bloom…

One of my favorite things about this website is tying in all the inspiring design, quotes, poetry, music and recipes into everyday life, and these poems, quotes and lyrics are a celebration of Spring!

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spring is in the air dobie gray drift away jet widick poem

There’s a wren in the willow wood
Flies so high and sings so good
And he brings to you
What he sings to you
And the love in his lullaby
Seem to tell me if I try,
I could fly for you

—Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina

My Present

You are my present
I love all that you represent
Outdoors and sunshine
Peace, quiet and feelin’ fine
You appeared out of nowhere
Without you I feel a slight despair
Like I need mountain air
It’s not good when I’m here and you’re there
When I know you’ll be back soon
I work harder, better, I know it’s almost June
Sun, the stars, and the moon…
Whatever it takes
Sand dunes, mountains, rivers, lakes
To be around what you represent,
Because I’m 100 percent sure you were heaven sent

by Jet

Flower Photography by Mark Widick