Simply Twisted

Spiralized veggie noodles are my new favorite thing. I’ve been spiralizing zucchini for awhile as an alternative to pasta, but these fun, twisted vegetables seem to be everywhere now—along with so many great recipes and ideas for easy gluten free meals!

Fresh vegetables are like sunshine. They brighten my day, add colors to my meals, and overall inspiralize me!

Yellow like the sun. Green like the forest. Spectacular orange… It’s alllll GOOD.

You don’t know how much I love you, but I love you like the sun.” — Jefferson Starship

My spiralizer is a Benriner Vertical Spiral Slicer that I got last year at Sur La Table. I’m not a gadget person but it’s a keeper. I love this tool! Spiralized veggie noodles are a cinch to make, but—if you don’t have a spiralizer or are on-the-go—then you can buy them pre-made. Veggie Noodle Co. has a great variety to choose from, too: zucchini, beet, sweet potato and butternut squash. I found these at Whole Foods.

gluten free spiralized veggie noodles whole foods

You can eat them raw or cooked, by themselves, or all mixed up. A delight any way you make ’em!

With celiac disease you have to be cautious of the ingredients you put into your body. Sticking with single ingredient whole foods is the simplest and healthiest way to do this.

America’s Test Kitchen has a great online how-to guide for making gluten free and paleo-friendly spiralized veggie noodle dishes if you don’t know where to start. It includes the best vegetables for spiralizing, how to cook spiralized noodles, and how to choose a spiralizer. It’s spiralizing 101!

This week I had to make a quick dinner for 6 people and needed something handy—and hardy. I’m always looking for easy ways to experiment with healthy whole foods, so I threw together:

8 button mushrooms, sliced
One sweet onion chopped
One pound of ground chuck
A touch of olive oil
One package sweet potato veggie spirals
One zucchini, peeled and spiralized by me

I browned the ground chuck over medium high heat, then added the onion and mushrooms and sautéed for an additional 1–2 min. Next I added the sweet potato spirals and sautéed for another 5 minutes, saving the zucchini noodles for last.

Zucchini is a high water content vegetable, so the longer zucchini cooks, the more water is released and the more mushy it gets. After adding the zucchini, I cooked another 1–2 minutes, stirring to mix everything together.

I made corn pasta for the rest of the gang and the low carb/no carb folks thought the veggie version was spot-on and right up their alley! Simply, any way you work it… it works 🙂

Summertime is zucchini season and a great time to experiment with with this delicious veggie. Here’s another zucchini noodle recipe for my homemade Italian Marinara Sauce and Zoodles to keep things light during the heat of the summer.

Next on my twist list… Kohlrabi!!!!