Special People and Their Wisdom

Special People and Their Wisdom Dr. Phil Keys to Success 10 years ago I was in my car listening to the radio while Dr. Phil was being interviewed. I was looking for things to impress my boys to be who they wanted to be and felt that what Dr. Phil had said about success was spot on. I pulled over, found whatever paper was in the car, and wrote out what he was saying. And this photo is it. I hung it up in my son’s room and eventually forgot about it. Then when I was figuring out what to do to get the word out on a Gluten Free Life and basically paying it forward… I found it.

“Hey Jet, why don’t you look on the side of the desk where you taped that great list of Keys to Success?” I was told. And here it is—10 years later—still helping us out. It’s a great guideline, and I listened.

Thank you… to special people and their wisdom.