High On Life

The unofficial end of summer—our favorite season—happened as of Monday… Labor Day. To soak it all in and enjoy the weather and summer spirit, my web designer Kristen and I both took last week off from the blog. She went to Burning Man and I got sunburned while out catching Mahi Mahi on our boat, a Hatteras named Hi Hat. It’s named after three things: the boat has a high tower, our boyz play the drums, and the fish that you often see while diving are high-hats. Summer on the boat and in the sun was fun and now we’re both back and high on life, and especially high on gratefulness.

The arrival of Fall has been celebrated for centuries with harvest festivals which pay tribute to the hard work involved of the growing season and the abundance of foods available. It’s been almost a year since we started Sage Page and my poetry book Sage Words, and now it’s harvest season! Kristen and I are gearing up for Sage 2.0 and ready to head into the next round of exciting days with more gluten free tips and recipes and the stuff of real life! The book has also been sent off for printing and fulfillment with only a few more details to take care of before it’s ready for sale on Amazon and Blurb. 

“For everything there is a season,
and a time for every purpose under heaven.”
—Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is a Season) by The Byrds

It’s easy to come up with an Ultimate Idea and then hustle through our to-do lists in the beginning when we’re full of motivation and inspiration (and dopamine!). But staying focused on the goal and having patience for this Idea to mature before calling it quits… is hard.

What will it take for you to make this happen? What exactly needs to get done? Don’t think about how much work or how much time things will take. Just focus on the deliverables.

My Ultimate Idea was to launch Sage and publish a book of poems. Not just any poetry book, however, but one that was visually interesting, beautiful, delightful and worthy of a coffee table. Big goals. So how do you make something like this a reality? In my case, I began with a list of the following:

  • Write & select poems for the book
  • Contact Copyright Office & register poetry
  • Hire a graphic designer (Kristen)
  • Design website & compile content
  • Hire a hand lettering artist & illustrator (Kimberly)
  • Design and edit book
  • Build a pre-launch mailing list
  • Build an authentic and loyal social media following
  • Publish articles on my own blog on a weekly basis leading up to launch

From this bigger list, Kristen and I worked backwards and broke the deliverables down into smaller weekly action items. With my week all planned out, I then created a list of all the things I needed to get done in a day.

I begin checking things off my daily to-do list—first with the small things, then tackling the bigger projects. I make sure I take time to eat light, healthy meals and stretch. I also schedule at least 30 minutes for exercise, which clears my head and gives me an energy boost to push through.

If you wake up and your Ultimate List weighs on you, take the time to check that stress under the bed and leave it there. Remind yourself that if you’re standing, breathing, walking, have no setbacks or illnesses then skip to the shower or the coffee pot and make the day happen in a big way!

Say a grateful prayer for all your blessings and begin to sow seeds of success. It’ll put you in a great place to start the day. 

When you know what it feels like to not feel good and you finally make it to well and inspired for consecutive days, weeks and years-on-end, that’s a lot to celebrate, appreciate and share!

“The focus is what is right before you—to give it your best.
It sows the seeds of tomorrow.

—Kiran Bedi

Every action you take towards the fulfillment of your goals is like a seed sown. Plan out your Ultimate Idea in detail, stay focused, have patience and—most importantly—do your day with love in your heart. Look for opportunities to increase your harvest. Be high on life and it will lift you up!

WalkinOnSunsHigh! ☀️

SunShineInHappyGrin 😎