Groovy Sunday Sookie Sookie Soup

What do you do if you can’t eat and don’t want any copycat version of a cookie? You make my Sookie Sookie Soup! Which is the BEST soup for a lazy Sunday.

groovy sunday sookie sookie soupIngredients:

2 sweet onions chopped
One bag of baby carrots
One bag of frozen sweet peas
One bag of lima beans
One hand full of cherry tomatoes
Parsley, chili powder, cilantro, basil, or your choice of spice
Olive oil
Fresh shrimp
Avocado slices
Parmesan cheese

Take two sweet onions, chop them and lightly sautée in a tiny bit of olive oil. Place them in a crock pot on high and add a bag of frozen sweet peas, a small bag of fresh baby carrots, a bag of frozen lima beans and a handful of fresh cherry tomatoes. Once everything is in the crock pot add enough water to cover the veggies, and head-off for your 3 mile hike!

When you return, the house smells deeeelicious and your craving for a cookie is long gone! Just serve yourself a bowl of Sookie with a few slices of avocado and a sprinkle of parm, and if that’s not enough for a meal, add anything you want (within reason). I added shrimp once it was in the bowl.

It was the perfect lunch to make a lazy Sunday groovy.