Smarter Every Day

Destin Sandlin has been educating and entertaining us with his intriguing Smarter Everyday videos that explore the world through science and makes learning fun for all ages. He’s an engineer who loves space too, so that’s a win-win for me. 🙂

My favorite Smarter Everyday video is Mystery of Prince Rupert’s Drop, but his latest one really touched my heart, so I had to share it. In this video Destin introduces us to Kenny and The Adaptive Training Foundation. Kenny has something magical to share, which you’ll discover when you watch.


Kenny is fascinating. His truck is beautiful and his attitude is sexy! He uses humor and thoughtful advice on making ourselves better.

The Adaptive Training Foundation is about rehabilitating your body… and mind. It teaches us how we can break through our limiting beliefs and things we think we’re not able to do, and exceed and excel onto the things that we CAN do. So inspirational. Check it out yourself and share!

Destin loves his family. You can feel the joy and happiness when he talks about them or includes them in his videos. You get to be a part of his experiments, the places where he’s traveled, and catch a glimpse of his devotion to his family and how they all share in the science of everyday life. All of his videos are beautifully done and are better than watching TV… at least to me.

Thank you Destin for sharing your love of learning, people and science! You are an epic magnet and I hope you get to be an astronaut. I’m rooting for you, and I think all of your fans are as well.