Gluten Free Sage in Simply Gluten Free Magazine!

I am delighted and grateful to be featured in the Spring 2017 issue of Simply Gluten Free magazine! Simply Gluten Free is both a print and online publication that informs and educates those who are interested in learning more about allergen free cooking and healthful meal preparation. Every issue includes personal testimonials of those who’ve had to change their lifestyle around their diet, specifically those with celiac disease or a sensitivity to allergenic foods, as well as vegetarian, vegan and Paleo diet preferences.

simply gluten free magazine featuring jet widick of gluten free sage

Simply Gluten Free magazine highlights all the things to look for when you first get started on the road to gluten free.

It’s equal to a gluten free friend with an all-in-one go to resource when you are at a low point after diagnosis. It something that lifts you up, makes it all okay, and encourages you that, yes, you can do this!

When I first began Gluten Free Sage she was so tiny; the simplest and sweetest of homemade websites. I loved her, but knew she needed to grow. I set out to find ways to learn, improve and expand. I pulled 2 basic tenets from my favorite “Keys to Success” from Dr. Phil to get started:

  • have a plan, a strategy, and a design of where you want to go
  • surround yourself with successful people who have the same work ethic, similar goals, and high standards as you

One of the very first things I did was to attend a Celiac Awareness conference in my hometown. That is where I met Carol Kicinski, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Simply Gluten Free, and heard her speak about gluten-free living. I was already familiar with her blog, magazine and involvement in the online Celiac Support Groups Community.

I met her husband Thom and gave him some Sage t-shirts. We talked a lot about their magazine and how much I liked their mission and where they were heading.

There were a lot of booths at the Celiac Awareness conference with “sweet stuff” that day, but it was Carol’s and another, Veronica’s Health Crunch, that really stood out. Veronica was also a newbie in the health and wellness industry at that time. I was impressed with both of their efforts, smarts, and quality of their products.

It makes me so happy to see Simply Gluten Free Magazine at Whole Foods or Veronica’s Crunch on the shelves at Fresh Market and know where they both started.

I am inspired by these women.

To be invited to write my story for this publication is a landmark moment. To have an opportunity to reach more of us with celiac disease or gluten intolerance in a publication that I have admired and watched grow is astounding, and I’m grateful. Thank you!