Simple Workout Routine

  • Swim a half mile (which for me is 100 laps in my pool—easy access, no excuses) or
  • Walk at least 2 miles anywhere you can: trails, parks, beach, your neighborhood, bird sanctuaries, or park your car super far at the Whole Foods shopping center and trek in. 🙂 Time yourself or keep track of your steps on your iPhone, FitBit, or whatever device you have for tracking your fitness. A 30-minute brisk walk is a beautiful thing! I was so weak when I first started this routine that I couldn’t make it down the street. But every day I did a little more, and now I can go 4 miles, take a break, and go 4 more!
  • 40 sit ups a day, twice a day
  • The Tower of Power upper body workout from one of my best friends and personal & spiritual trainer, Nancy Sheffey. This is a wonderful upper body work out with light weights that has made a tremendous improvement in my strength. I use her training tips when I do my upper body workout 4 days a week. Nancy lifts me up with words of wisdom and guides me with excellent advice any time I hit her up for it. AND she keeps me straight!
  • Speaking of straight, the number one thing I do that is such a game changer is to stand up straight. Be conscious of your posture when you are sitting, standing, or driving. Don’t wear your stress… shake it off! And stand and sit tall!!!