Rosemary Lamb Chops with Orange Slices

Rosemary Lamb Chops with Orange Slices Gluten Free Sage RecipesThese rosemary lamb chops with orange slices are super simple! There isn’t really a true recipe. I picked up 8 “single cut” lamb chops from the market. These were Australian—the ones I used over the holiday break were from Colorado. Both are delicious, but the chops from Colorado are better. 🙂

I grilled them in some olive oil and chopped up FRESH ROSEMARY and sprinkled it on top. Then I sliced a couple of navel oranges, placed them in same pan as the lamb chops. The colors were popping, and the kitchen smiled like a dream.

You want to sauté the chops—turning until evenly cooked—then done! Mark loves the mint jelly on the side. I like them with the oranges. We also both squeeze a little key lime on too. Such a special, easy dinner!