Role Models of Kindness

I’m impressed by magnetism, intelligence, strength, work ethic, and adventurers. I also greatly admire people with fortitude, stick-to-it-ness, and focus. I aspire to imitate those who display grace and dignity naturally, and with ease. These are my Role Models of Kindness.

I am stirred by the people that do the minutiae behind the scenes as much as I am affected by the ones in the spotlight. I want to follow my big dreams—with confidence—like those “big shoulders” before me. Going for my goals with optimism and heart is a top priority. Just like my teachers who have influenced and inspired me to never give up!

There are the protectors, the microsurgeons, those that make meals for a hundred, teach children with special needs, care for injured wildlife, fix the broken garage door, work regardless of injuries, put men into space, entertain us with their art and wit, feed six kids every day on a limited budget… and too many more to list. All of these people are humans. They’re not perfect. Regardless, their courage and style inspires me. Their greatness has left an imprint on my heart.

The number one thing that moves me to taking action is when people exhibit kindness along with this leadership distinction. Second to that is patience.

KINDNESS and PATIENCE are quick to some, and on the edge of their reach for others. But for those who bring it, you are truly my role models. Thank you.

“My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.” — Dalai Lama

I love the idea of being a positive role model and setting an intention for the day to remind myself of this. Danielle LaPorte takes the intention further by posing the question: What are you going to do today to feel the way you want to feel? If you start your day making a conscious decision about how you want to feel, you become more aware of your actions. And kindness has its own rewards! It builds self-assurance, it makes things run smoother, it has health benefits, and makes everyone feel GOOD.

Acting as though there’s always someone watching you helps you become more aware of your actions, too. And if you’re really serious, you can pursue the opportunity to be a role model through an organized program in your neighborhood, company, or school. When you make the choice to be a positive role model through an organized program, you will find that it overflows into all areas of your life. You will strive to be a better person all the time!

I was room mom for both of my boys when they were in elementary school, which meant many class field trips as a chaperone. I always felt good while doing my best to set an example for the children. Our house also became a popular gathering place for the boys’ middle school and high school friends. It was a safe spot, filled with genuine love. And I benefited as well because I could be a part of their lives.

No matter how big you get—whether you’re on the front lines or working with people behind-the-scenes—say THANK YOU. Be genuine. If you make a mistake, apologize. Have patience… especially with children. Show your strength in your kindness. Strive to be a king or queen of HEART.

The hearts you meet. The hearts you touch.








About Jet Widick

Jet Widick is the founder of Gluten Free Sage, a weekly publication that promotes healthy food, healthful lifestyle, mindfulness and minimalism. She believes that each of us longs for artful experiences and that we need to be well and inspired to help us become the best, most beautiful versions of ourselves that we can be.