Providence. It’s called all sorts of things: fate, kismet, destiny. My entire life I have felt that things fall into place through connected chains of events… little presents, enlightenments, and discoveries—as if by accident. I believe it happens by being strong and confident, super smart and very, very “faith” full.  A boldness. Going out on limb. Taking a small risk, or a big one. A lot of times things will line up at just the right time in ways you never expected at all. There are many examples of this in my life—and in the lives of others I know and love. So when my friend, web designer, artist, soul sister and spirit guider Kristen Alden recently sent me Goethe’s Couplet, I knew I had to write something for Jet Zengine about Providence.


Goethe's Couplet Providence Gluten Free Sage Lucky


One thing leads to another, and the next thing you know you’re buying a WWll camera (risky in 2007… how do you make that even work… but yet, so genius!). You begin taking Space Shuttle Photos with this camera, which eventually has you diving with—and photographing—astronauts, and now you’re a recognized NASA photographer. Two young, hip college professors meet, get married, and in a blink of an eye they’re owning and running a cafe and bookstore. A huge leap of faith… that worked. A scuba diving animal lover that speaks five languages begins working at a dolphin rescue and rehab facility because “I dream of this” then meets his precious future wife who shares the same dream. Pitch an idea to a TV show—just because of your fierce love for reading and the host loves the books you love too—and then become an invited guest

Three years in a row.

A sweet Sunday drive and the next thing you know all the things you wanted in your next home are right in front of you.

Providence happens when you least expect it. The pieces come together and just fall into place. You make your own luck. And my oh my, you get lucky. Good karma. You payed it forward, and it all starts clicking.

You have to stay positive, be open, be grateful, think smart, do the right thing, and love with all your heart. But mostly, you have to not be afraid. You jump in and commit… 1000%. Then everything follows.

It’s a magical thing to watch, experience, be a part of, and help make happen. The true secret is always remembering those who stood by you and “had your six” the entire time. And gratitude attracts more reasons to be grateful.

Don’t hesitate.

Go for it!

I believe 💚Gluten Free Sage has a mighty message. Through Providence and boldness, my wanting to help others, and seriously because of the geniuses surrounding me with their magic to help get my message out in the world, I can now share it from the bottom of my heart with all of you.