The Present of Presence

There’s a group of people I know who own Christmas. They’ve got the holiday jeuge from decorations to Disney trips. Me… not so much. But I am known to whip up a great Christmas Eve meal that’s traditionally lobsters—and the morning of breakfast is always sweet. I love preparing something yummy Italian on Christmas Day.

Little kids are the joy of this holiday, though our big kids do make it incredibly fun. So this year when it was party planning time for the traditional Christmas Boat Parade, we all got extra excited because we have the “Sage Page” 💚 aka The thought of someone helping us was a big deal, and asking to make this a totally gluten-free party an even bigger deal. We asked Silver Sac catering Karin Larson and Mary Lampariello (two salt of the Earth gems 💗) to lend us their expertise, and they blew us away with their creativity and professionalism. We had the fresh tree up—and the little tree by the kitchen—but when they walked through our door, the Christmas Sparkle truly came alive with their white poinsettias, floating candles, and beautiful greenery that took our breath away. They made it so festive! And from the decorations onward, it just kept getting better.

Their staff was kind and courteous. Thank you Todd, Claudia and Christian! The gluten free cookie baker made each individual cookie a work of art. And speaking of Art, there was Art—the super talented Chef—in our kitchen, which I loved. He was right in the middle of everything, and blending in beautifully and creating these wonderfully delicious scrumptious servings of gluten free goodness: Polenta and short ribs, meatballs in marinara, macadamia nut chicken… everyone LOVED all of it. Especially the lamb chops. The sloppy joes—our family holiday tradition—were beautifully prepared on a gluten free roll. There were so many more special items they prepared, and Christian the bartender helped by remembering everyone’s favorite drinks.

It was all more then we could ask for, all gluten free, and all incredibly delicious. The thing that was the “cream cheese frosting” on the carrot cake (we celebrated both my son and husband’s birthdays, too… ) was the people. Our friends, and the staff of Silver Sac, is what made this party glow!

Thank you to everyone—especially Mark who makes EVERYTHING happen!❤️💚