Poetry In Motion

Poetry in Motion is a series of animated spoken word pieces excerpted from my books Sage Words and Sage Spirit, a collection of poems I wrote for the people I love.

Each poem is hand lettered and illustrated by Kimberly Taylor-Pestell and recited by Elsie Swann. The creative direction, animation and sound design is by Kristen and BJ Alden of North Coast Post.

Poetry in Motion is a piece of my heart! To see your own words come alive is a beautiful thing. It gives me great pride and could not have been done without four of the loveliest beings: Kristen, BJ, Elsie and Kimberly. They are magical and passionate and are gifts to me.

This animation effort is a group mind, a melding of hearts, a common vision, and—most of all—five people with high standards and a whole lotta LOVE to give!


When you tuck your phone out of sight for a week with no WiFi available and no cell towers around, you become overwhelmed—by a feeling of peace. You can hear the birds singing, rain on the roof, and your focus is spot-on as you engage more meaningfully in your surroundings with all your heart.

Battered, Not Broken

There are unexpected events that aren’t a part of our life’s master plan—like an accident or illness—that bring our attention to our own fragility. It takes great effort to find the courage to face life’s challenges with a firm belief and a proactive perspective.


Aging naturally or plastic surgery? This poem is inspired by my love of natural beauty and people who age with ease and grace. Silver hair, the speckling of wrinkles and lines of distinction and character… it’s an expression of life! 

Your Home

Your home is a place where you can be you. Its surrounding walls are like a big hug. It is balance, refuge, and the truest warmth there is. Writing the poem for Your Home was one of the most profound, yet most delightful things I could possibly write about.


Let’s face it, to have two hands that work is tremendous. These beautiful gifts of ours are to be appreciated for their function and unique beauty. To touch, to feel, to comfort, to heal… I love, appreciate and cherish hands!


This poem is inspired by the so-called genetic imperfection that has a youthful appeal and makes a smile so darn cute. Pair some dimples with a sunset by the ocean, listening to the waves and watching the falling stars, and it’s magic.