Cooking Is Like Love Harriet Van Horne Quote Design glutenfreesage

Cooking Is Like Love

Cooking is like love.It should be entered intowith complete abandon,or not at all.–Harriet Van Horne

Jet Rocket

When I was first diagnosed with Celiac, I could barely get to the top of the 2 flights of stairs to my husbands office. I would get to the top,…

Gluten Free Stuffed Mushrooms

Stuffed Button Mushrooms

Ingredients:8-10 large button mushrooms1 sweet onion1/2 cup Gillian’s bread crumbsOlive oil1 egg1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese Directions:1. First sauté a sweet onion finely chopped in a small amount of olive…

Strong is the New Skinny Inspirational Quote Design glutenfreesage 640 x 960 wallpaper

Strong is the New Skinny

STRONG is the new skinny. 🙂

How to Eat for the Celiac Diet

I love eating a low carb or no carb diet. Bread crumbs and corn tortillas are about as far as I go, unless I’m on vacation and someone is making…

The Best Project You'll Ever Work On Is You Inspirational Quote Design glutenfreesage

The Best Project

The BEST project you’ll ever work on is YOU.

Gluten Free My Story Celiac Disease

Jet’s Story

How This All Came About Right about now, you’re probably rolling your eyes when you see Gluten Free options listed onyour favorite restaurant’s menu. But, not me. Gluten-free isn’t just…

Eggs Benny

I have to give credit for this delicious dish to Pier 7, the restaurant at The Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront in Vancouver, BC. I’m all about the low carb / no…