I’m Sticking Up For You

I wrote this poem in the wake of the heartbreaking news of the Orlando shooting this weekend. This incomprehensible tragedy shocked and saddened me beyond belief. I didn’t think this is where we would be in the world. It’s overwhelming.

Whether you’re a parent, an advocate of a child with Autism, defending a friend against a bully, speaking up for the LGBT community, speaking out against discrimination or gun violence, helping a sick friend, shutting down gossip, bringing light where it’s dark, or anything necessary to “stick-up” for those who may need you, always know that—even if it’s not mentioned or spoken—your generosity and nobility are deeply felt, appreciated and remembered, and MAKES A DIFFERENCE.

I’m Sticking Up For You
by Jet Widick

True nobility
And Sticking Up for others done relentlessly
We watched generous mentors do it effortlessly
It’s the way it is supposed to be
Take the high road, honorable comes naturally
A way for the world to be
For all eternity.

Respect individuality
All different tastes and unique qualities
Feeling free and happy easily
There are no days to waste
By your side, never sway
I like you as you are, never change
Here for all the good stuff and aches and pains
Pick you up when it rains
I’ll take the wheel, stay on course, help not cross the lane  
Save you if you start to drown
Try to never let you down
Counting on me
Because you know I’m always taking Sticking Up seriously.

Make a rock solid foundation
Full of true adoration
As you build your dreams, your own creation
Not afraid of sharks in life, or the sea
Swim against the current fearlessly
Because—you know—I’m always going to Stick Up for thee.

She for She, or He for He
No difference, it’s diversity
Standing up for you, and you for me
That’s how life is meant to be
Aim for advocacy
Make life better by loving tirelessly
Speaking up, shedding light on how it’s done
That no one is ever shunned
Working for NO GUNS!

Taking care of you when you’re sick
There for you if you’re in too deep
When life is piled in a heap
To be strong, try not to weep
Get some rest now, go to sleep
Have sweet dreams of me Sticking Up for you, and I will of you for me
And each new day may we spread goodness and everlasting true nobility
Let the world see
This is how it has to be.

For all the friends and families everywhere—how we wish we could always be right there if something happens. To be there when we’re needed, to love and represent, speak up for, or have someone next to us fighting the tough stuff and sticking up for us.