No Flour Banana Pancakes

Two’s are good! A double shot of espresso. R & R. Short stacks have two. My birthday is a 22. Got 2 boys. And twin sisters. The best things come in pairs!

Don’t believe me? How about serving pancakes TWICE in the same week? I did!

And they’re not yo’ momma’s pancakes. You won’t find these at IHOP. Most kids grew up with Bisquick or Betty Crocker pancakes made with Gold Medal All Purpose Flour. I had many of these as a child way before I knew I couldn’t.

I love it when I get an unexpected present. Especially a gift of health and goodness. I saw a video on Facebook last week of a *friend* preparing these super simple, no flour banana pancakes. Flourless pancakes! Sounds perfect.

No Flour Banana Pancakes

no flour banana pancakes gluten free recipe breakfastIngredients:
One banana, mashed 
Two eggs 
A non-stick skillet
One tablespoon of salted butter

1. Mash the banana with a potato masher or a fork, add eggs and whisk. 
2. Pour about 2 tablespoons of batter per pancake onto the skillet placed over medium-low heat.
3. Cook until the bottom appears set (about 2 minutes).
4. Flip!

And you WILL flip for this. Add peanut butter and now, heck, those are two things that are meant to be together.

A little syrup, a little jam
Or rather have bacon or ham
It’s a tiny bit of what I am
Peanut butter makes my heart flutter
Mmmm-mmmm is what we mutter
Deeelicious like no other!

xoxo ~ jet