Nature’s Apothecary

So happy to share that I received a lovely assortment of essential oils from Aroma Foundry! Essential oils are nature’s apothecary. Like a misty morning, a warm towel from the dryer, the best cup of coffee or the way the sun feels on your face, essential oils make life feel a lil’ bit more special. Who doesn’t enjoy a scent-sational ambience to set the mood and liven up their day!

When I was younger and eating flour, I would get migraines and always used essential oils—peppermint specifically—on my temples.

If you’ve ever had a migraine, then you know there’s not much you can do except find a quiet, dark place to relax and sleep it off. It wasn’t until I knew I had Celiac and no longer ate gluten that the headaches went away, but the peppermint oil did provide sweet comfort!

Like a fresh breeze or wind through your hair
The scents of plant life everywhere
As beautiful as a morning sunrise
Their freshness jives like a morning high five
To brighten our lives
A top-down car drive
There is no boundary for my love of Aroma Foundry
Citrus or Sage, we’re on the same page
Increases the beauty of my days
Green grass, blue skies
Essential oils in our lives
Ferns and oaks in nature surround us
When we’re home, essential oils ground us
A walk in nature will make your day
Essential oils will sweep you away
Like a bird feeding her babies in her nest
Coming home to the scent of Citrus is BEST
Nurturing and sweet, it’s like a big warm hug
At your heartstrings they tug
An aromatic spectrum of red, orange, yellow, green, blue
There’s an essential oil for you

I find strength in a natural atmosphere of quiet, spaciousness and calmness. I want to bring this feeling inside and for my home to be open and peaceful, too. Most of this is achieved by living a simple life with less stuff, but also by using what nature gives us as my priority. Food—from natural sources—has all the ingredients to keep our bodies healthy and happy, and if we are sick, so we can heal. Walks in nature and fresh air is rejuvenating, and boosts our moods and creativity.

If you’ve ever enjoyed the feeling you get from the earthy, woodsy, flowery and fresh scents of the outdoors, then you understand the power of aromatherapy on our moods.

If you work in an office 8 hours a day, 5 days a week or live in a city where the weather keeps you inside most of the year, perhaps some small touches can make a big difference in your day. There’s no replacement for the great outdoors, but maybe a few drops of your favorite essential oil into a ceramic oil burner or bringing houseplants into your office will give you the pick-me-up you’re looking for and add a lil’ more sunshine to the moment. ☀

Every aspect of nature is the greatest medicine we could ever receive.