Don’t Forget To Go Outside

When someone I deeply love is sick, has a sore throat and cannot swallow well… I feel it. I get a sort of a sore throat, too. If they’re limping or stiff, I pick up the limp just a little bit and slow down my pace. I used to think this is somewhat weird. Now, I don’t.

“You feel for them,” or “you feel it in your bones.” I get what that expression means now. Basically it’s what I call love empathy. Compassion—with an extra heartstring pull.

We all want people to be well and have strong bodies. One hundred percent. It’s indeed the most important thing.

I live in South Florida where there are many retirees and am also involved in the medical profession. I see a lot of sickness and stiffness. I’ve noticed that if you’re taking care of someone who isn’t well—even if you are strong and healthy—people forget to move the party outside. You absolutely have to go out and get some fresh air! It’s a big part of healing.

We all talk about the importance of a proper diet, but nature is medicine and can cure A LOT. Mother Nature’s gift to us. In fact, this NY Daily News article states that a report released from UK charity Ramblers and Macmillan Cancer Support found that as little as two and half hours of walking or gardening per week can save lives by lowering stress levels and keeping us healthier and happier.

You Can’t Forget to Go Outside.

Maybe the chair you are in can go outdoors. If you have a laptop, then you’re in luck. A lot of people work from home… and moving your office to the patio, balcony or front steps can be sweet for a change.

The gift of a beautiful day is steps away. How luxurious is sunshine on your skin, wind in your hair, fresh air in your lungs, sand or grass in your toes? Add in a walk and… wow, wow, wow, now we’re talkin’!!! Yes, even small walks. Big walks are better, but all kinds will make you feel well! Get yourself some outside time—even if it’s the simple act of rolling your car window down.

Take the back road

Listen to your radio or the birds sing

Get loose and off your caboose

Take 10 minutes or an hour

Your outside power

The sun is your heating pad

The wind is your ceiling fan

Your sun kissed face is your makeup

The sky is your TV

Watch how much better you will be!