Nairn’s Gluten Free Treats

I was so excited when Nairn’s Gluten Free contacted me and asked if I could review their Whole Grain Oat Crackers and Oat Grahams because I’ve been looking for a good, minimally processed GF accompaniment to appetizers and charcuterie plates when having guests over!

A delicious surprise arrived at my place
These crackers put a smile on my face
A gluten free snack you can eat without a care
Serve to your guests with cheese and red wine to pair
Take on an airplane when there’s no gluten free food ANYWHERE
Or make s’mores for a sweet treat to share!

I usually stay away from most gluten free replacement carbs, but these are made from pure, uncontaminated whole grain oats, a little sea salt, and honey.

If you’re a regular reader of GFS, then you know I like to keep things light and easy. Eating small meals and snacks is super satisfying, quick to prepare and clean up, and—because I have celiac—I can control portions and quality much more easily.

I made myself a light lunch with some Nairn’s Oat Crackers and a little Asian chicken salad on top. The carbs were light enough that I didn’t feel tired afterward, and with only 25 calories per cracker, it was a nice, quick bite that satisfied me throughout the afternoon.

I also had friends and family in town for a visit this weekend—some who don’t eat gluten either. When it comes to feeding a mixed group of guests with dietary restrictions, I’ve learned that simple works best. Since I had these tasty crackers on hand, I added them to our menu. Everyone loved them and I’d certainly get them again!