One Month Pump

I’m PUMPED and love a good monthly challenge! If you could do anything for 30 days straight, what would it be? I would hike right through the month, every single day, not skipping a single one. I’d also get great sleep and eat clean—without interruption.

Although I pose this as a monthly challenge, I realize these are all things I love to do, but maybe don’t always make time for them when things get busy or challenging. The theme to my answer also has to do with practices described as self-care. This coincides with an article I read recently by Harvard Business Review contributor Ed Batista. He asks:

How do you view self-care, such as exercise, sleep, meditation or reflection? Do you see it as an investment or an indulgence?

I think too many of us view this as an indulgence, which is why we have to challenge ourselves to make it happen. We might be busy mothers caring for young children, or creatives working toward a big picture goal, or both! We feel guilty about spending time and money on ourselves beyond our basic needs.

When we talk about self-care, we often think of luxurious items that can make us feel relaxed and pampered. Even organic and free-range foods are viewed as an indulgence with their higher price tags.

What I’ve learned to realize, however, is that self-care is a basic need—and it’s not always a Five Star item, like a spa treatment. It could be something as seemingly normal and everyday like sleep, or staying hydrated.

For those of us living with a food related illness like celiac disease, diabetes or food allergies, this type of self-care is a priority.

Each one of us has different requirements to feel recharged. Mine might be hiking, taking an afternoon nap and writing poetry, and yours might be yoga, crossword puzzles and waking early to have your morning coffee before the kids get up.

One month can seem like an eternity if it’s the middle of winter and you feel stuck indoors, but it can be a cinch if you choose something you love! A 30-day challenge doesn’t have to have anything to do with nutrition and exercise, either. The goal of self-care is to feel happy, healthy, loved and at peace.

One month would be a blast
Flys by so fast
Savor it, make it last
Have a sweet plan
I know you can!!!

What I like about a monthly challenge is that can be delightful little things done anywhere — for as little as five minutes a day.

Today I made a new playlist full of workout songs and upbeat inspiration. I picked up some Summer veggies and started a new project. My first month of summer has big goals and some surprises on the way…

I’m mastering what I call the “pre-hike hearty omelette” to jump start my summer days, and the summer salad too. I’m going for the high protein, low carb warm weather meals. Hmmm, I could eat it every day for a month!

However on the other end of the spectrum, if you have to wait a month anticipating something, remember that you don’t want to wish your life away. Embrace each day with gratitude. You’re sure as heck not going to waste one minute, so fully engage in all your projects whatever they may be:

Swimming laps


Clean meals


Discover new music



Slim down

Be kind

No excuses

Positive vibes… sent to the universe!

monthly challenge positive love vibes 365 poem by author jet widick

Self-care is an empowering decision to engage in those things that bring joy and to achieve and maintain your optimal physical and/or emotional health. We can best care for others when we also care for ourselves.

Committing to something for 30 days can be life changing. Think about it.