Mimosas and Coffee

We were invaded by aliens! Funny aliens! The best EVER aliens! NYC’s North Coast Improv troupe was in town at Sick Puppies Comedy while on their NoCoSoFloTo (South Florida Tour).

They covered 3 cities, 3 theaters, 5 workshops, and 5 shows—all in a matter of 4 days. First they went to Sarasota, then two shows in Boca Raton, and another in Miami. They also did some serious Improv teaching and beatboxing classes in their workshops. My son is a part of the cast and founding member, so I saw both performances, hosted an after party, a brunch, a hike, and received a whole lotta LOVE!

We had Ribeye and Brussels sprouts at the after party, and for brunch we prepared the leftover steak (sliced in strips) with slow cooked scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese, mimosas, lots of much needed coffee, and fresh fruit—all in great company!

While some of the team went off to teach, the rest of us went for a *Real Deal* Florida hike and a treat at Carvel… Rachel’s favorite. Then we all met up later for Margaritas and a swim back at the house. A 9:00 pm flight out of Florida came all too soon, and the troupe was headed back to hit the ground running in New York City.

I LOVE having company—especially these happy, kind, fun young folks—and I HATE when they go. Come back soon North Coast! Doors are open! I’ll make Stuffed Shells as you burst in my door with all your beautiful free spirits and positive energy, and will be sure to get a photo of all of you diving in.

Thanks for the Best. Weekend. Ever.

– Jet