Messages From the Universe

Pennies from heaven, butterflies, owls, cardinals, dragonflies, feathers, and my all time favorite… bunny rabbits. Some people call them omens or messages. I call them signs from Guardian Angels. I get them just when I need an Amen-Everything’s-Gonna-Be-OK moment. I say prayers. I send out wishes, thoughts or requests to the Universe. Then I get a sign or a confirmation of some sort. Hold out, hang in there, it’s all going to WORK OUT. Keep up your strength. Maintain your stamina.

I take a deep breath and I keep going.

We all get hit with life sometimes. And when we do, working hard and smart doesn’t seem to be enough. It feels more like a responsibility or a commitment—rather than a glorious joy or beautiful comfort. But then we watch the moonrise or the sunset, and it speaks to us. All the different shapes, formations and colors like an artist made an original work of Art right before our eyes. This is why we live.

And then there are the times that out of nowhere, a penny appears on the trail. Or a cardinal flies across my path. A feather falls from the sky… and suddenly I feel better. Like the Universe has my back. Glorious Universe! I love you! 💖

I appreciate and relish these little signs.

I have such a vivid memory of when I was first diagnosed with celiac. About 14 years ago, I was 104 lbs with no real symptoms except that I was thin, anemic and exhausted. Even the scans showed that I was all clear! Such an odd thing. No tumors, no ulcers. Nothing obvious. Then I walked out of the Dr’s office to my truck, and on the ground in front of my front tire were five pennies. All together. I was like… how in the world… Five? REALLY?!

I wasn’t giving up. I needed answers. I later had an endoscopy and biopsy, which confirmed my symptoms were celiac, but no one knew what was wrong until then.

Celiac is a quiet thing. It sneaks up on you, then one day your zapped. According to Prevention Magazine, celiac disease is listed as 1 of 7 diseases that doctors frequently miss.

Accurately diagnosing celiac can be quite difficult. Signs of celiac disease vary widely, and sometimes there are none at all. If you have celiac without noticeable symptoms, your condition is called “silent celiac disease.” Blood tests are the first step in a diagnosis. is a great resource to learn more about symptoms, risk factors and getting tested.

Now I absolutely knew what I needed to do. My sails were full of wind with a few more navigational moves on the way. Such pure joy to get some answers and learn that the tea and piece of toast I ate when under the weather was actually hurting me instead of helping. That the only medicine I need is a gluten-free diet. No flour? Now that’s bouquets of FLOWERS!

I do think my angels were with me when I had undiagnosed celiac for so long. They kept me going. And my guess is—if I would’ve been properly diagnosed, I would’ve had a blood transfusion or two and who knows where that would’ve taken me. Instead I received iron infusions every week for six weeks once diagnosed. That was the game changer.

I got strong quick! I’m so grateful for this—and that I learned about the Paleo diet to increase my strength. Now I feel great everyday and can hike the trails, take the walks, and receive every message from my angels and the Universe to lead the life I’m living and supposed to live!!!! Strong and happy. No one’s responsibility but my very own. I’m committed to me.  And great health. Keep those messages from the Universe coming! I’m listening…

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