Love Between People And Their Pets

It’s been weeks since Kodi my 10-year-old Scottie passed away. I couldn’t even talk or write about him because he was so special. He was my right hand man! A gentle dog with some of the same manners as a gentleman. He always waited until Maggie and Brooklyn, our other two Scotties, had their food before he would eat. He sat next to me while I cooked or worked. He waited patiently for everything and was incredibly beautiful and sweet.

He would bow to me in the morning (it was really stretching) while I made coffee, but I loved it. It felt like a greeting, and started my day off just right. 💞

When I went to San Francisco recently, I ran into to a lovely elderly woman walking her gorgeous dog. It was extra well behaved and she was super friendly, so we started chatting. She told us her dog is a healing dog and I said, “I had one of those, too. They take care of you and make you feel better.” She said, “No… I mean, he heels at my feet.” It made me giggle that I confused this, but it made me think about how much pets do for us.

There’s a special love between people and their pets. They become part of our family and provide comfort. They make the holidays better. Many people would never exercise if it weren’t for walking their dogs.

There’s a whole movement to fight obesity by having people use therapy dogs for their workouts. It’s both motivation to exercise and to save the lives of homeless dogs. I love this. It’s an awesome concept to think you can save a dog and improve your health simultaneously. This poignant story about a man and his dog really opened up the whole concept of pets, exercise, and health in general.

Obesity is a global epidemic, affecting about one in every three adults in the United States and Europe. In a study published in the journal Preventive Medicine, dog owners who reported walking their dogs were almost 25 percent less likely to be obese than people without dogs! (The Bark Magazine)
My son John and his wife Shannon have two rescue dogs and they’re very inspiring to me. My sister Nancy also hosts a monthly event at her cafe and bookstore with rescue and therapy dog Zoey—where a non-judgmental, comforting, furry friend will “listen” and take pressure off a child as he/she practices reading.
It’s amazing to me how animals and people can help and heal each other. If I ever get another dog, it would be a rescue for sure. Miss you, Ko Bear. 😘