Life Magnets

Kids can have it. Some adults have it. If you like babies, then they usually always have it.  And puppies… Yes! 🙂

Some people call it enchantment or appeal. I call it MAGNETISM. It’s the thing that pulls you in when someone walks in to a room. It’s not necessarily physical beauty, it’s a confidence and energy—kind of like The Carpenters song “Close to You” from the ’70s:

“Why do birds suddenly appear. Every time you are near?”

I know it well because I see this magic regularly. I must be the South Pole to their North Pole, or the North to their South. I call them Life Magnets.

They have bright eyes. They are electric. They cast a spell. I feel healthier, stronger, and happier when they are around. Sometimes these Life Magnets are quiet and peaceful. Or sometimes a powerful, roaring wave. Their energy draws you in either way. They capture your attention!

My mom has it. She’s friends with the banker, the market clerk, the mailman… Everyone. She has this thing where you want to know her because she’s interested, interesting, and energetic—like light beams! And she’s going to be 80 years old in two months.

Some Life Magnets are more introspective and shy, and have a quiet beauty. Perhaps it’s a genuine smile so special that it draws you in when they start talking about something they LOVE. It’s like sparkling fairy dust shoots from their angel wings. You can’t wait to hear what they’re going to say next. My daughter-in-law has this exact glow!

You go to a party and someone whips out a deck of cards and does a bunch of tricks. Magic out of nowhere. Whammy! Makes the evening’s force field turn up to 11.

Or you’re in Loreto, Mexico at dinner on a rooftop, and a friend translates the song the mariachi band is singing word-for-word to English as they play… perfectly… and the entire table melts from the sweetness.

It’s having an umbrella that meets you at the driveway or curb when it’s pouring rain. It’s the waiter that remembers your favorite foods, or knows how you like your eggs.

It’s energy that’s built tough (Ford—yes trucks have magnetism) but gentle. An attraction that’s fundamental, and a force that’s monumental.