Life Is Full Of Typos!

You know you made a typo—either by your own doing or courtesy of Autocorrect. Even if you have to send the second email, make the correction.

Sometimes—no matter how careful we are with our words—we make mistakes. There are times where I think I’ve typed the most perfectly constructed sentence. I was thoughtful and took my time. I reread it, hit send, and then I see the subject line in my sent box as a ridiculous typo! I’m not interested in being a neurotic writer, but whimsical typing can make us look like Dum-Dums. I have friends that rarely make typos. I want to be more like them! I have a stretch of 10 good emails, and they’re perfect. Then I get excited about something I’m typing and… GAH!! Error!!

What’s the forgiveness policy on grammatical mistakes? Does it show our true colors if we’re judgemental over form? If we make typos, does it show we are impetuous and hasty?

I myself don’t judge on that, but how many chances do we get?

Even with all the tools available to us, stuff happens.

It’s a lot like life. We all do the best we can everyday—trying to do the right thing. Consistently. Sometimes we rush a conversation, or bump into someone when we are moving too quick. Should’ve left earlier. Should’ve allowed more time. Should’ve taken a deep breath and regrouped. Should’ve cut down on the rushing.

Life is full of typos. And we’ll make more in the future. That’s not to offer an excuse, but a reminder that the more courtesy and compassion we have for others, the more likely we are to be forgiven when we make a mistake. Typos are forgivable… as long as we aren’t hurting anyone.