Life Gifts

When I was in the imagining phase of expanding Gluten Free Sage and—at the same time—creating Sage Words as a book, over and over again I would think about how was I going to make this happen?! This big idea of a website and a poetry book had me on the edge of my chair. It was on the tip of my lips, a figment of my imagination, a dream. I thought to myself: who would want to read it? How does this get done?

It’s risky to put yourself out there.

But only if there’s a chance you won’t succeed. If we only reward the bold choices that “win” or are popular, then we diminish taking action on the things we believe in. If we take risks only when we’re assured success, then it really isn’t a risk, is it?

There’s a lot of things I don’t know and my plan was far from perfect, but I gathered up my courage and set out to make it a reality anyway.

Anybody can do this. It’s not magic.

What it is, however, came from years and years of experiences and working quietly as I built a strong foundation. It came from much hard work, time, resources and the accumulation of relationships. It came from desire, observations, a big love, and overall gratitude for life and feeling strong and healthy.

The biggest response I get from the book is:

I’ve always wanted to do that!

Next I hear…

I didn’t know you wrote poetry?!

Check your fear and jump in. Find people that see your vision and invite them to join you. Believe in yourself and your art.

Open up your life gifts and celebrate the life you desire with a sense of graciousness, awe and wonder. Your future is in your hands.

It’s like being a mother. Nothing stops you.

You don’t wake up one day and run a marathon. You follow your dream in increments. It’s showing up everyday for years-on-end and improving your best until one day you hit your goal.

If you paint every day, then you’re an artist! All the things you do is what you are. Find your OWN life gifts and make them yours to keep. It’s precious to your soul for you know that you’ve achieved greatness by your daily efforts, determination, dedication, and the combination of knowing what you need to make it work and always giving it your best. This is what makes big stuff happen!

life gifts success taking risks and putting yourself out there

The day I picked up the phone and called Kristen Alden was a game changer. My sister Nancy recommended her to me so I was already halfway there. The interview was memorable because she had the same fearlessness as me.

We both started with baby steps, then big leaps. Much like parenting skills. We combined our years of experiential wisdom to make Sage bigger and better.

A lot of what Kristen and I work on involves home and children. Kristen is a Life Gift to me and to many others. And on this holiday before us—Mother’s Day—she is also an extraordinary and beautiful mother and gift to her three children. The entire time she’s been working with me on these projects, we’ve always put the kids first. She gets it. She understands how kids are an investment in the world: yours, theirs, and everyone who meets, works and loves them back.

life gifts success taking risks and putting yourself out there

I had the good fortune to spend a week with her family and see firsthand what an amazing mom she is. I’m so happy to say Happy Mother’s Day to Kristen. To say thank you for seeing my vision. I especially love watching you observe and nurture the visions of each of your individual children. Thank you for diligently nurturing Sage along with me. She is beautiful!


Where you put your heart, time and resources are all essential ways that we put ourselves out there. Yes, it’s scary to be vulnerable, but life is precious and finite. It’s up to ourselves to choose how to build a life we want. If we’re honest about what keeps us from taking risks, then we can overcome them to open up our life gifts and reap the rewards we dream about. ✨