Jet Rocket

Jet Rocket Booth Falls Colorado Hiking TrailsJet Rocket is about strength building, posture, fitness and inspiration. It’s my super simple workout routine and fitness tips to help slowly build yourself back up to strength again once you’re eating a healthy low carb / no carb diet and feeling great. It’s difficult to workout when you are zapped of energy!

The ticket to good health, which is where I finally landed, is to eat as many clean and single ingredient things as possible and to exercise every day. I’ve figured out the balance of diet and exercise that keeps me energized, happy, and thankfully healthy. I believe we’re better people when we feel well and are at peace.

Once you’re able to work out again, it’s baby steps to feeling invigorated by a workout instead of knocked out. You’ll be able to go from walking a mile to finally hiking six miles up a mountain in the Rockies… Really!

Being strong will open your world to your athletic side, the activist in you, or even your inner artist. I began writing poetry once I felt well again and am now collaborating with a graphic designer and hand lettering artist to bring these poems to life in my book, Sage Words. It opened my world once I could focus on something other than health and I wish the same for you!