J’aime la Vie

J’aime la vie!

I love life!

To live happily and peacefully is a wonderful thing!

J'aime la vie! I love life!

We make ourselves happy—but everyone knows good people contribute to this happiness. I remember a time when I was at one of my most unhealthiest points in the recovery phase of switching from too many carbs to more protein and more exercise. I met some new friends all about the same time, whom I call the three D’s—all their names started with D! 🙂

My hair stylist Doug is one of my three “D’s”. He works at Boris International and is phenomenal at restoring the health of damaged hair. Mine was damaged from the lack of nutrients, and he was able to give it back shine and strength. He’s also super kind and has a lot of patience. 

Another “D” turned me towards better fashion sense with their amazing fashion savviness.

And the final “D” was a great traveling companion and neighbor who just lit up a room with positivity.

I call them “the triple D that fixed me”. It was a combination of many things, but they were all rock stars! The three of them—along with a few others—saw my strengths, taught me important things, and helped make me strong.

Bottom line is whatever you are doing or feeling, either from food, health issues, stress or lack of exercise, get yourself out there and surround yourself with THE BEST people—and let them know they are amazing. Then when you restore you health, your diet is in order and you’re out there pounding the pavement, swimming laps, or hitting the nature trails or wherever you go, you can pay it forward to someone else.



Sharing your love for life!!!!

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