It’s the Little Things

Sometimes the tiniest of wonders make our days beautiful. A sunset walk. Bluetooth stereo in the truck. Puppy kisses. Cardinals. A rose from a neighbor they picked fresh from their garden. When the Collins Foundation comes to town with their vintage aircraft, and I can hear them rumble overhead. Or I reach down to tie my shoe and there’s a penny, heads-up. Glistening intercoastal waters. Good wine. Fresh veggies… even a new wok will do it for me!

Doesn’t take much to make me happy. Spontaneous and genuine, it’s the little things that get the best of my love.

These little things—be they gestures, actions or words—are the many small things we do every day that naturally express our heart.

Poetry in Motion is a little thing. Like the way Elsie knows just how to read the poems and how BJ gets “it” when I explain the music genre and tone, and knows right where to lay the lyrics on top of the design and in time with the beats. GAH!!!!

Wok the wok
Wok this way
These boots were made for woking
Wok my world

Last weekend it was a brisk walk, sunshine and a vegetarian dinner for my pals Jim and Lori that “Wok”ed my World. Our plates were full of colors of the rainbow and dinner so satisfying that I didn’t miss the little sprinkle of parm I usually add (though I did serve it this way to our guests).

NO dairy in my diet is a two week experiment for this New Year. I’m finding this subtraction is an addition to the quality of my gluten free life and it’s working for me. Again, a small step that makes a big difference! I feel better, my eyes are brighter, and the bones ain’t creakin. 😉

Small changes are easier than big makeovers. Happy I tried it and I’m sticking to it.

Life is made up of many, many small steps and little moments. When we notice and appreciate them, these small positives add up from each day and contribute to our overall happiness.