Inspiration Proclamation

I’m having this big gluten free Christmas party
Lots of fun and full of smarties
People who know really good food
Like their wine and their favorite booze
Lamb shanks and short ribs are on the list
Favorite foods with a GF twist
Hired a caterer to help me out,
Her presence will make the night better without a doubt
I asked… Please add sloppy joes and tater tots for this Venue
Her silence a sign she didn’t quite want *that* on the menu
I told her this is how we do it
or forget it
She liked my spirit and said Jet…
You’re an inspiration
I said to her thanks but it’s a conglomeration
Of people you love and their favorite foods
Why else have a party without your brood !!!?? ❤💚

Inspiration Proclamation Poetry Gluten Free Holiday Party