The Importance of Being Relentless

If you Google “relentless”, you don’t exactly find the best definition:

1. oppressively constant; incessant.
2. harsh or inflexible.

But I’ve always thought of relentless as tenacious, persevering, determined. It’s what you have to be when you’re diagnosed to be gluten free.

The importance of being relentless and an untiring attention to detail is what keeps me well. It’s for me, so I can do EVERYTHING I want to do. Nothing will stop me. It’s a good thing. It’s the single-minded meal choices that keeps me healthy and on top of my energy level. I’m patient with myself and my determination to stay out of trouble. If it means french fries all over France, I’ll do it!

Croissants, bread, and crepes abound
And I’m cool with them around
I’m staying safe and sound with this diet that I found!
Please enjoy them next to me,
We’ll enjoy the view simultaneously

Italy is so far ahead of the U.S. They have gluten free everything, everywhere. Different countries have different levels of participation in these specific diets, so persevere and travel if you want to! Just about all places have fresh fruits, veggies, salad and delicious meats. Don’t let your diet keep you away. Pack something like Kind Bars, sardines, apples or oranges in case there are no good choices and keep your chin up. No medicine required, just a tenacity to details!

Aside from Gluten Free Sage and those who want to learn the life hacks of celiac and being gluten free, I like to keep my GF life to myself. And yes… I am relentless about helping anyone I can! If someone you know is not GF, they’re most likely not intrigued by your food choices as much as you. I don’t blame them, and that’s ok. You’ve got Sage—and me—sticking up for you! 💚

It’s understandable if someone doesn’t get it because they can’t see what it feels like to eat foods with gluten, by mistake. It’s not easily explainable, and probably not super duper interesting either.

I like to think of relentless as a good thing. Unstoppable. Never giving up. Knowing what you want and going for it.

If you don’t keep at something with positive energy you won’t see results.

It goes for any part of your life from diet to exercise, to work goals, and especially something as huge as being a parent. You can’t wake up and say, nope not being a parent today! It’s a responsibility. It’s done with love. And like the air we breathe, you have to have it. It’s imperative to life. You need it. Your children are a part of you!

When I was 16-YO and a waitress, I wanted to work every available shift that didn’t interfere with school… because I had a plan. I was saving up, and ready to launch! I had two pairs of jeans, some sneakers and gym shorts. I remember a favorite dress and a sweater. I wasn’t buying clothes and that was OK with me. I was saving up to hit the trail towards my idea of success!

If I saw something someone was doing that I admired, I would tuck it in my back pocket. If I saw a behavior I didn’t like I repelled it. I watched and listened.

I absorbed the good and deleted the undesirable. I stayed out of people’s way and kept my head down and worked hard. When I read books on “life” that inspired me, I took the tidbits that touched my heart and used them to enhance my life experiences. I kept a list of favorite quotes that lifted me and cut out articles that inspired me.

Golden rule was better than cool
Do It With Heart! was my fuel
Work smart and hard, look up past the stars
Trust your gut, you’ll go far

A relentless pursuit means you don’t let things get in your way. Temptations and discouragements may hit you, but they don’t stop you. Your eyes are fixed on the goal and nothing is going to bring you down.

You can reach this healthy, happy point in your Celiac life by being relentless.

“When it looks like you’re a million miles away from where you want to be, you’re usually only 2 millimeters away from victory!” —Tony Robbins