Dreamin’ Tree

With all the static in the room and lots of people talking, I overheard it: “I’ll never be right again. I want my old self back.”

I hear this a lot. In real conversations, or something I’ve read.

People look for a way to feel well, or unencumbered from a memory of how they may have felt way back when…

This sometimes leaves us trying so hard when all we want is to be happy and peaceful.

How do you find your way back to yourself and following your path? The best we can do for ourselves always is embrace the right now. Feel like Mohammad Ali says,  “Float like a butterfly.” Up and onward. Forward, not backward.

What’s really sweet if you’re feeling this way is when someone says to you, “I understand.” Two powerful words that are easy to say and can change the course of someone’s day. And yes, I understand. Yes, you will indeed be alright. Yes, you will be excellent. You will—because today is what matters now. You will know when you get there too, even if for a moment. You’ll know because you are lovingly present. You are inspired by creativity, curiosity and life itself.

I’m not referring to your college self, or when you were 10 lbs less with less stress. You may feel like a mess, but progress… is EVERYTHING.

March forward
Shake it off
Reach into your pocket for a few tricks
What makes you feel good!
Swimming! Jump In.
How bout a brisk walk?
Even better
Lots of brisk walks
Fresh air!

How do we lose our way? Maybe we suppress our true selves so we can feel safe and accepted, maybe it’s an illness or accident, or maybe we take on too many responsibilities and become distracted.

If you can’t focus to do something you absolutely love, then try some (or all) of these:

• Change your diet

• Get some dreamy sleep. The kind of sleep where you are under a Dreaming Tree, hands behind your head, leaning back with nowhere to go

• Remove processed foods and refined sugar in your diet

• Minimize (the carbs)

• Strategize

• Energize

• Exercise

• Find for you what makes “bright eyes”

• Delete delete delete

And as you practice feeling right, in a blink of an eye you will be outta sight—with bright insight!

I spent a few days with a 13-YO without a cell phone in his hand, and the sight was so beautiful and free. You don’t have to be young again to be open to what life is here to show us.

If whatever you’re doing isn’t working, don’t be afraid to let things drift for a period while you take time to re-evaluate and revise. Unplug. Set limits. Structure makes things line up—like a good story. Constraints give us a starting point to work with.

Do you need to be constantly connected and always in-the-know? Do you need to immediately say yes, or can you give yourself a moment under that Dreamin’ Tree to think about your value and if it’s really worth it? Like a sprinkle of coarsely ground salt or pepper on a fresh tomato, or a splash of real milk in your coffee, it makes it better to add just the right amount, and not too much… of anything.

Take in a few deep breaths and stand in gratitude and appreciation for the moment, the wonder of nature, and at the miracle of being alive. Remember what you stand for, what you love to do, and what’s important in your life. It’s a game changer to find your way back home.

My dreamin’ tree and me
We love patiently
Can see the forest for the trees
Charms of three
Sustain thee
Dreamin’ tree, the sea, and he