15 years ago—when I was a young mom hustling to raise strong, independent boys, helping my husband build his career, and just kickin’ butt every dang delightful day—if you would’ve asked me if l would be writing a weekly lifestyle blog that promotes healthy food, healthy lifestyle, mindfulness and minimalism, the answer would’ve been HECK NO. I got my BSN in nursing and writing wasn’t on my list. But, when you have something you strongly believe in and the desire to genuinely help and educate others, then you feel compelled to GO FOR IT when you see opportunity.

You’d think living with undiagnosed Celiac should’ve been enough for me, but add-on navigating the relatively new, uncharted gluten-free diet, and that’s where I can provide support and guidance.

As speaker Beth Moore might say:

Sometimes you fall into the pit, sometimes you throw yourself into the pit and sometimes you get pushed into the pit! The success comes from getting out of whatever pit you’re in no matter how you got there.

I didn’t see this coming and eventually climbed out. And through my trials, I learned how to eat properly to get healthy and strong again. Maybe you’ve recently been diagnosed with celiac and are feeling discouraged, because (like me) a gluten free replacement diet isn’t working for you.

Are we being roped in to thinking gluten-free substitutes are healthy? There are many celebrities who have chosen a gluten free diet—not because they have a gluten intolerance—but because they deem the diet to be healthier.

Gluten-free substitutes are notoriously filled with things that are NOT healthy. I bought a breadmaker and regularly made delicious, golden baked GF bread made with 7 kinds of flours—that made me the sickest I was yet.

Stay simple. Eat clean, single ingredient food. Avoid the carbs as much as possible. But most of all, remember even Whole Foods has a great deal of things you don’t want to eat. And just because you bake your own gluten-free bread, doesn’t mean it’s healthier for you.

Here are some of my favorite, single ingredient food combinations that make easy, nutritious snacks or are filling enough for a meal:

Eggs with a side of California navel oranges
Burgers in a lettuce wrap 
Chicken and cherry tomatoes
Steak and avocado
Salad—with any meat (chicken, shrimp, salmon, steak… )
Asparagus and scallops
Acorn squash and barbeque ribs (remember to read labels when making the BBQ sauce!) 
Red snapper with sauteéd spinach 
Pork chops and pineapple
Fresh fruits and veggies

I believe we cannot achieve or maintain wellness eating food that is not healthy. I am a strong advocate for those living with celiac disease and gluten intolerance and believe there is a need for education around the gluten-free diet. We need to be well and inspired so we can HUSTLE to become the best, most beautiful versions of ourselves that we can be. It truly is a privilege. 💚