How A Single Word Can Make a Heart Open

I literally have the biggest memories of the smallest words of displayed kindness. Sometimes all it takes is a single word—from someone who doesn’t necessarily talk too much, but says just the right thing when they do.

The list is much too long to mention all the times
Words of cheer
That I hold dear,
Reduced my fear
They just made it clear
Hey, I’m Here
Even if I’m not near
I’ve got you—sets me in gear
Both hands on the wheel I can steer
I sit up straight, it’s going to be a good year!

I understand.
I’m listening.
Is sometimes exactly all that was needed.

The coworker that pulled my weight when I was an RN on the maternity floor taking care of very pregnant people, and I was the one at work with morning sickness. She said “I got this.”

The worker that came to the house to install flooring and paint, and changed every light bulb in the hallway and bedroom without asking and said, “Now that’s brighter and better!”

A friend says:

I like your hair.

Dinner was great… or

Sorry, I Can’t write back. I’m overflowing at work.

I got a text from my neighbor yesterday that said, “I’m happy you are feeling better.” She knew me when I was not so well—before I was gluten free. I was grateful.

I say thank you a lot. Because I REALLY appreciate kind words. Sweetness. Thoughtfulness. It makes you feel stronger with your fellow comrades beside you.

People sometimes have problems or they don’t feel well. They might need cheering up, or to feel understood. Some people you meet—you can help. Some have a wall so high you can’t reach them. My mom taught me not to take the things people do to heart because they probably don’t feel well or have a huge weight they quietly carry. I was young when she taught me this.

Sometimes just your quiet presence helps.

Shoot. We don’t have to be talking all the time. Stillness and quiet works. It brings peace.

Moral of the story is to respect other’s feelings. Their grouchiness or crankiness is possibly a deep issue. You see somebody that looks sad—and if it feels right—try to cheer them up. Your single word can make a heart open. 💗

Lyric art for Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song” by Dianne Sylvan