Highland City Club

I first met Erin Robinson at the Alchemists Breakfast at the 2017 DENT Conference. I instantly liked her down-to-earth style and, turns out, she has many of the same interests as me. We instantly clicked. After breakfast, I noticed her name tag said Colorado as we continued our conversation. I explained that Boulder was on my bucket list of places to bring the “Sage Spirit” and perhaps late August would be a nice time for that, since it would also coincide with the launch of White Wild Indigo. She said she had the perfect place.

So we booked a Sage talk about health, wellness and inspiration at the Highland City Club in Boulder, along with a book presentation and Poetry In Motion viewing.

Kristen and I met Highland City Club founder and owner Sina Simantob upon arrival. He greeted us with a wisdom and warmth that could be felt throughout the Club’s intimate spaces.

The lunch was held in the library, which is filled from floor to ceiling with intriguing books on philosophy, history, literature and more—donated by both members and guests. The gluten free lunch was prepared by top chef Maria Cooper, and filled with delicious Mediterranean-inspired food from organic, sustainable sources in all the colors of the rainbow. It was an intimate gathering over a long, communal table where strangers sit next to each other, sharing conversation and bumping elbows.

The Highland City Club is a non-profit social, educational and civic club. It’s an exquisite place located in the historic Highland School building in the heart of downtown Boulder, and hidden from the street within beautiful gardens. Erin gave us a tour of the Club’s magical spaces, which include private offices and co-working spaces, in addition to places to socialize and connect.

It was a small crowd with a big heart.

I felt grateful to share my story, develop new relationships with other like-minded folks, share the books, and may have even inspired a few people.

That same evening, Erin and her husband Ted had planned a small dinner party for Kristen, Mark and I, and invited their friend and collage artist Pat Chapman to join. Erin and Ted have a gorgeous view of the Rocky Mountains from their condo, and their taste in art was as magnificent as the gluten free menu they thoughtfully prepared. They served watermelon/feta and peach/blue cheese bites and grilled peppers to start. Green beans, a minted rice salad, and Bengali-style mustard catfish was the main course, served alongside excellent wine and grilled peaches, vanilla ice cream and ground pistachios for dessert.

Having an opportunity like this was a dream. Boulder was a goal I had when Sage was just a twinkle in my eye, and the Highland City Club was the PERFECT venue for the talk since they also believe good health is the cornerstone of who we are and all that we do. Thank you to Erin, Ted, Sina, Maria, Kristen and everyone I met at the Highland City Club! I will pay it forward. Promise.