High Standards

Like a sponge soaks up water, I soak up tiny golden nuggets of wisdom and life lessons from the people I meet and the things that are happening all around me. Having high standards is one of those pearls that I always hold safe. You have to set the bar high. Always.

I continually learn from this merit displayed. Don’t settle! And if you are having a party and need some help, find someone with the same values that you have. 😉

Anybody can skewer some salami and cheese, but look at these masterpieces!

Veggies in a bowl can be tossed and arranged like this eye pleaser. Or line a large shrimp presentation with thin lemon slices. It’s art. Check ’em out!

Cook the steak to perfection, sprinkle the crushed macadamia nuts on the Creme Brulee, and get the yummiest cheese you can find, and you’re having a party! There’s no other way than for it to turn out well. With the right beverages, people, music and opening doors to the evening breeze… you can’t lose. You can feel the distinction and attention to detail. It makes me happy.

I’m reminded of what a kitchen feels like when someone watches you cook. They sit at the bar with their coffee if it’s breakfast—or their cocktail if it’s dinner—and they talk to you and watch what you’re doing. Something about that would make some people nervous, but I love it. There’s no phone, no computer, no news… just home cooks in the moment of creation. It’s pure goodness!

Wanting the eggs to be just right, but not being too much of a perfectionist, brings a beauty and excellence to what you’re doing. It slows things down and gives the food prep true worth.

It’s not judgment, it’s sharing in the fun! Chopping fruits and veggies with company makes it turn out even better. You shoot for the moon! Now this isn’t always realistic, but—if it can be done—it sweetens the pot and makes everything turn out better. And with Thanksgiving this week, it makes you grateful for these moments.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work is the motto of our special friends and their team who prepared this gorgeous dinner. Both Mary and Karin have a sparkle and a gift for bringing the right people together, and their standards for friends are as high as their work ethic. #winning

This thankful party was prepared for my friend Patti and her incredible team. I met Patti 20 years ago, and she’s developed a program and a group that’s always giving, learning, striving and taking on challenges with a smile. She’s a leader; always up for a new venture, never dropping the ball, and bringing smart, caring souls together.

High Standards

You’re as important as oxygen
Where do I begin…
To explain that your importance is endless
Because you ARE the best
You meet the highest standards that I possess
Truly living, you stand above the rest
Put my soul to the test
I’m shooting high past the moon beams
Where your true importance and my high standards meet in a sweet dream

Both Patti’s team and Mary and Karin’s catering team have high standards, so they excel like no other. The food was so beautiful and delicious, I was speechless. Yes… that really did happen! Thank you Mary, Karin, Todd, Cole and all the chefs behind the scenes I have not yet met from Silver Sac Catering. Love you all. 5 stars! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟