Hello Summer!

Yesterday was the June Solstice—the official First Day of Summer 2016. Summer is still that one time of year I feel like I could click my heels together—or hey, even do a cartwheel! (My friend Lori is 52 and does them wherever she goes 😆) 

Everyone loves Summer… right? The weather is wonderful. Vacations begin. People are happier! Summer is the season for playing, travel, and bonding with family and friends.

Less of life’s pressure, more of the sea shore

Rum and Coke, tell me a joke

No homework. All the summer perks

Sunshine, feelin fine, alfresco dine, a book that’s mine

Mountain air, wind in your hair, Redwood trees—the bees knees!

Anywhere you want to be, New York, California, Italy…

I love summer visits the most. When happy people arrive, it’s like puppies showed up! They’re silly and fun and don’t take anything too seriously. You laugh so hard you can’t breathe. They’re light on their feet and look you straight in your eyes while they tell you a story. They’ll make you forget whatever ails you. I’ll cook a big meal for these free spirits any day if they make me smile. Bring your dogs… and your appetites. The more the merrier! I’ll wash your clothes AND bake you something!

Summer is about “Let’s go get a cone with sprinkles.” Or a night swim. Or take a long hike or hop on a bike! No matter your age or where you live, summer is free to just BE.