Goodreads Giveaway for National Poetry Month!

April is National Poetry Month and to celebrate and encourage children’s interest in poetry, I’m running a Goodreads giveaway where you can register to win one of 10 copies of my illustrated poetry book White Wild Indigo! The entry period begins on Apr 15, 2018 and ends on May 10, 2018.

goodreads giveaway white wild indigo illustrated poetry book jet widick

How to Enter:

1. Click on my book giveaway link here via the Goodreads website and sign in with your Goodreads credentials.

2. Click on the “Enter Giveaway” button.

3. Ensure that you are within the country (U.S.) where the giveaway is available. This information can be found underneath the number of copies available and amount of other people entering.

4. Enter your name and shipping address and click the “Add Address” button.

As a lover of words and wordsmiths, poetry is one of my greatest passions. There’s nothing like the rhythm of words flowing together to form a story, describe a scene or express an emotion. Poetry is such a happy thing and I’m grateful to be able to share my book in this Goodreads giveaway so you can discover the incredible benefits of poetry for children in a fun and exciting way!

Poems can be simple and they can be complex, but as long as children are introduced to poetry as a part of their lives, the exposure frees their soul like singing and dancing.

You start young when freedom of expression is a natural thing and not something a child has to “learn” later in life or feel like they missed out. Instead it’s like going on long walks or hikes, looking at constellations, watching jazz… it becomes second nature intrinsically. If you dance to a mariachi band when you’re five, it’ll feel normal when your 20, 50 or 70, etc. You’ll fall right back in to it.

I discovered my love of poetry in elementary school among the pages of Scholastic Magazine and believe if you get a child to enjoy poetry at an early age, it will stay with them. It may take a backseat during their teenage years or when life becomes full of responsibilities, but it’ll always be there to return to.

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