Gluten Free Sage Black Bean Burgers

Gluten Free Sage Black Bean BurgersIngredients:
1 1/2 lbs. ground chuck
1 can Amy’s GF Refried Black Beans
1 egg
I cup Ole Florida Tortilla Chips, or any brand you have (crumbled)
Olive oil
Sliced avocado
Iceberg lettuce
Parmesan cheese (I use this type A LOT because it’s easy to grate fresh and it’s lower in calories)

1. Mix chuck, beans, egg and chips together well.
2. Shape into patties.
3. Heat the olive oil over medium heat and add the patties to the pan.
4. Cook until done, flipping the patties so both sides brown nicely.
5. Sprinkle with grated parm.

You can serve the black bean burgers next to a salad, or make it my (Gluten Free Sage) favorite way as a lettuce wrap and a slice of avocado!

About Jet Widick

Jet Widick is the founder of Gluten Free Sage, a weekly publication that promotes healthy food, healthful lifestyle, mindfulness and minimalism. She believes that each of us longs for artful experiences and that we need to be well and inspired to help us become the best, most beautiful versions of ourselves that we can be.